Faculty : Dr. Pradeep Bhushan Goel, Dr Madhu Sharma, Dr Charu Sehgal

The following individual 4 courses are offered :

  1. Practical Astrology – Basics : Level –I
  2. Practical Astrology – Level – II
  3. Practical Astrology with Remedies : Level – III
  4. Advanced Predictive Techniques in Astrology using Parashari, Tajik, Jaimini and KP Astrology:

In this course, only practical actual life cases are being discussed to inculcate and develop the predictive ability.

Introductory Offer

Only Rs. 6000/ Course

NOTE: Presently the Classes are being held at a private premises at Hari Nagar, West Delhi New Delhi – 110064. All the individual class rooms are air conditioned to offer convenient academic study atmosphere especially in summer season. This place is very near to the Tilak Nagar and Subhash Nagar Metro Station. However those coming via DTC bus can get down at Hari Nagar Depot stop and walk in L-Block residential complex.
The class are being held only on Sundays at different time interval. All the classes are of at least one hour. However some time due to discussion the class can be extended upto 1 hour and 30 minutes. The Class of Advance predictive Techniques in Astrology is of 2 hours.
Arrangement of tea service is ensured within the class timings.