Hello I am Pradeep B Goel, presently aged 66 years, a retired officer from Punjab National Bank. I have been a  passionate person about Astrology since my good old school days . Leading Pandit K.B.Parsai was our neighbor in Pandara Road New Delhi  and he being in a very close and friendly relation with my respected father Shri S.P.Goel, I was many a  times amazed on his most accurate predictive abilities. Later I decided to learn this great science through properly held academic sessions and I attended Astrology course which lasted for complete 2 years. After completing the course and during the period of my attending another round of approx 2 years in the research oriented classes on Astrology, I presented a few Research papers on various important issues of life like Cancer Disease, Owing home and property, Marital affairs etc etc which were published in leading Astro Journals/Magazines of India especially in the “Modern Astrology” and “Jyotish Manthan”. I also submitted a research oriented paper on “CALL CENTRE – PROFESSION” by submitting  more than 150 actual live case studies of call center employees, which were scrutinized and improvised by eminent and learned Shri S.N.Kapoor and ultimately I was awarded the most prestigious title of JYOTISH BHUSHANA from ICAS Chennai. Apart from this I also submitted a research oriented case studies on MEDICAL ASTROLOGY which was similarly scrutinized and approved by a  leading astro-group  in India and I was awarded  Ph.D title. During my practice and academic carrier , one registered organization of Delhi awarded me the title of JYOTISH VACHASPATI.
In the year 2011, Indian School of Occult Sciences was started with the active cooperation of Dr. Madhu Sharma, Dr. Charu Sehgal, Shri Satish Arora and Smt Rinku Jain with the sole aim to provide Practical academic education to the interested students in different fields of occult sciences which are Astrology (Jyotish), Palmistry (Hast Rekha), Vastu, Numerology ( Ank Shastra), Tarot card reading, Lal-Kitab and Face Reading.
The course structure for each of these streams has been carefully designed to cut short the lengthy theoretical  path, and to educate and provide systematic practical path so that each of the subjects is made interesting and easy to grasp and learn.